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May 14, 2020

How To Import From China Without Traveling To China


With the New Year still in its prime, I ran a facebook ad campaign, where I summarized the nitty-gritties of mini importation. Among every question asked, one in particular stood out. How To Import From China Without Traveling To China.


It struck me by surprise that some persons didn’t understand even after my previous blog post.

How to Import From China Without Traveling Out Of Nigeria
How to Import From China Without Traveling Out Of Nigeria




If you haven’t read my last blog post, which is a prequel to this one then you need to before reading this one.

You will not understand a thing here without reading it..


Here is the link to the first blog post.

When you are done reading it, you can come back to this one.



Great, let’s proceed.


Well, this article will do justice on how to buy from China without the need of traveling and bridge the misunderstanding of the concept of being scammed.


First of all, I’d like to use Jumia as an instance.

Usually before you buy from Jumia, you create an account with them, hit the search box and type in the name of the good(s) you intend buying.


Second, after having seen the good(s) and the price(s) attached, you either pull out your debit card and pay online or if you have an e-wallet with them, you pay for your goods from the e-wallet. As at the time of writing this post, Jumia and Konga have both stopped pay on delivery services in Nigeria.


Third, after having being debited for the cost of the purchase, your order details (numbers and others) are sent to you. Then your shipping begins.


Fourth, based on your location and agreement with the e-commerce platform used, your goods get to your house during the assigned period for delivery.


This is the same routine, to follow while engaging in mini-importation.


The word ‘mini’ according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary; which of course is my favorite, defines it as “small in relation to others of the same kind”.


Importation on the hand, is defined as the “act of bringing in a product into a country, to be sold”.

In other words, mini importation simply entails, “the bringing of small quantity of goods from a foreign country, to be sold in your own country.”

You do not need to get involved with 50 feet containers, shipping freight, bill of lading etc.

All you need do is, get the exact site that sells at wholesaler price from here.

A thing of interest is, there are three ways of sourcing for your goods on the wholesaler site. They are:


>>>>With the use of an image.

>>>>From Aliexpress, of course you wouldn’t buy from Aliexpress.

>>>>A method that goes ahead to show you HOT IN DEMAND products, people will beg you to collect their money and give to them. To find out how click here.


Another thing to note is this, there used to be a time, when many mini-importers, were stuck with Aliexpress. At that time, the Chinese Aliexpress Merchants set the price of their goods to whatever they deemed fit.


They’d set their prices to favor them at the expenses of the profits of mini-importers.

Then when a mini-importer engages them in a “please reduce the price for me discussion”, they’d take some dollars off and still make much profit from you.


In 2012 when I wanted to first venture into mini-importation, due to the buzz made by Onome Maureen (I don’t know where she is today), I wanted to start with android tablets then.


So I went on to Aliexpress, saw the tablets but they were expensive.

The only tweak then, was to engage in a chat with the seller to help reduce the price for you because you promised to make him your regular customer.

One of the sellers decided to sell 4 tablets to me at the cost of $100 per tablet from the initial $110 price. Then, a dollar was equal to 180 naira.


Later I stumbled upon the Chinese Wholesaler site which was then difficult to navigate through. Then I discovered that the original cost of that tablet was $50. I was shocked.


I had already paid and there was nothing else I could do and shipping had commenced, which of course took a month plus to get to Lagos.


Do the math:

From Aliexpress, each tab cost me $100 and I purchased 4 pieces ;

that is $400 and I sold them at 30,000 naira for one because nobody was willing to buy at my 50,000 price.

That is to say I sold the four of them for 120,000.

Now $400×180=72,000.

My gain was 120,000-72,000= 48,000.


But if I had purchased from the other site,

It should have been:

$50×4=$200. Cost of buying.

Converting to naira, it should have been;

$200×180= 36,000.

Let’s say I sill decided to sell at 30,000 for one tablet.

It should have been 30,000×4=120,000.

Profits should have been 120,000-36,000= 84,000.

Therefore, the seller’s profit from my ignorance was:

His price minus wholesaler site price:



Back to the issue at hand..


After making your choice of goods you intend to purchase, the next issue is how to pay. Well considering the fact, that paypal is messed up in Nigeria, the disappointments of Western Union or Moneygram while sending money plus their exorbitant rates and exchange rates being very unfavorable, people now back out and call it quits.


But that barrier has come to an end because, now you can from the comfort of your toilet, inside your car, while kneeling down or by 12 am midnight, pay the equivalence of your goods in naira and into a Nigerian bank account.


The next phase, is the shipping, which is done effectively and swiftly.


Before now, it usually took a month plus or cost quite a whole lot, in most cases, shipping fees used to be costlier than the products you purchased.

But as we speak, it takes between 48 hours – 7 days to get your shipped products to Lagos, Nigeria.


When this is done, this is the only time you pay for your shipping, in most cases you don’t pay up to 10,000 naira depending on the weight and content of your goods.


I know you might ask, what if I don’t stay in Lagos.


There’s a provision for people to store your goods for you in Lagos and all you need to do is, after getting a request for your goods to be delivered, you forward the instructions to these people. They deliver your goods and credit your account.


Its that simple, without stress.


To avoid getting burned like I was in 2012 and if you intend becoming self-employed, having access to more than 30 products that cost you less than $5 and you can sell today for 7000 Naira and above, then click here to get access to how I earned 7 figures under three months from mini importation.


In my next post I will share the exact type of products, to import that will make you earn your first 7 figures in 3 months..




Any ideas?


The comments section is open.

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