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June 3, 2020

How I Made My First $1000 On Clickbank In Nigeria Part 1.

Being an affiliate for Clickbank or any other affiliate marketing platform, isn’t always an easy thing to involve one’s self in.

That statement is a phrase mostly used by people who have failed on their quest to being celebrated affiliate marketers.

I was once in that position and that phrase was always on my lips…

My status-quo or quest to become not just an affiliate marketer changed when I had just four things.

How To Make Money From Clickbank

And these four things, guide, define and can forecast your success or failure as an affiliate marketer.

They are called T.A.P.S

T stands for Tools

A stands for Audience

P stands for Products

S stands for Strategy

Here is what I mean:

If you get the RIGHT TOOLS for a successful affiliate marketing business, the next phase to cross is looking for a MARKET; which in this case serves as the AUDIENCE.

After these phases, the next phase to cross is the PRODUCT(S) stage. This phase is dependent on the existing market and audience you must have found.

The last but not the least stage is the STRATEGY; strategy for promoting your selected products, to the right audience and with the right tools.

Go wrong in any of these and you have gone wrong in all because, your affiliate marketing business is as good as dead, gone and buried.

But hey, I got you covered, how?

I will do my best to dissect them all, for a proper understanding.

So first and foremost, today’s post will be all about T-Tools.

You see when I first started as an affiliate marketer, most of the courses I bought that never taught me anything meaningful, blabbed about everything but not the tools. I mean how possible is it, for you to go hunting and you are taught how to hunt without first showing you the necessary tools for hunting?

Click here to see the tools that helped a newbie make $1000 in his first 3 weeks of being an affiliate marketer on clickbank.

The tools I needed for my success on Clickbank, where not made available as at that time until I had begun investing in other meaningful courses that showed me the tools, how to set them up so they run on autopilot and breathe out your commissions while you sleep.

Those tools comprised of:

  • Funnel(s).
  • Email marketing tools
  • Domain and hosting.

With these tools and the right guidance, you are sure to start your affiliate marketing business on a rocketing platform…

First let’s look at FUNNELS.

A funnel is a marketing strategy whereby you are constantly directing new leads into your business, in the hopes of developing a sale and relationship with the user.

A major importance of funnels is that they help to reduce bounce rates that are gotten from wrong emails.

There are different types of funnels for different functions.

The funnel for a blogger isn’t the same type of funnel a web designer would use for his business.

Most funnels comprise of squeeze pages, confirmation and maybe a thank you page or sales page.

Learn my funnel hack and strategy that doubled my earnings in affiliate marketing, while I slept and had time for other things.

It is really crucial for your affiliate marketing business to run via a funnel to ease off the stress of your marketing and promoting your Clickbank products to your clients.

Second Email Marketing Tools

What use is a funnel without mailing the persons who opted into the list?

The major purpose of having a funnel, is to build a rapport with the members of your list, with the major reason of making them want to buy over and over from you.

This is only made possible by having constant communication with your list members.

In affiliate marketing, if you have a list of email subscribers, you can sell 10 different products under the same category to the same list and they will still buy from you.


Let’s say you decide to go into the weight loss niche, for the first time you decide to promote a tummy flattening solution, to people who have a protruded tummy. At the end, they buy your solution and get their problems solved.

Later you come across a product that will put an end to overweight. Definitely, people who have big tummies have a 75% chance of being overweight. All things being equal, you can promote the overweight product to the tummy flattening persons and you will definitely have a 70% chance of making successful sales.

Again, you come across a stretch mark solution product. 55% of people who suffer from excessive fat, suffer from stretch marks. Even though the fat people might have slimmed down or have had their fat tummies shrunk, they still have stretch marks on their skins and will want to get rid of them.

Last but not the least: Domain and hosting.

You will need this for your funnels to exist.

A domain makes you look professional and you will stand out from the others, who see getting a domain and hosting as unnecessary.

Click here to get unlimited diskspace and unlimited bandwidth for just $30. I have an agreement with them to make this open, so grab the offer while you can.

Your funnels need a host and domain to be hosted on, I mean it is like having a pot and cooking gas on a piece of land instead of your house.

These tools are really important if you want to make it in clickbank’s affiliate marketing business.

Now it’s up to you, your passion, your creativity and your own hard work. Whatever you do, always try to give value, because after all, that’s what everyone else, yourself included, is looking for.

If you’re unsure on how to start your own affiliate marketing journey, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the , Clickbank Groundzero Training.

This is where and how I started and what I ultimately owe my success to. This is hands down the best place to start if you’re new to affiliate marketing, where thousands of people have reached great success on their journey to earning from Clickbank, because this course really takes you to your goal from A to Z!

See how it changed my life and how it can change yours, by clicking here.

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