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May 25, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Is Dead

Yes, affiliate marketing is dead, gone and buried.​
“But Kenneth, you always preach affiliate marketing, what are you trying to say?..”​
Come to think of it, you might have bought courses from a particular set of people or guru and at the end, it will turn out to be one of the mistakes you might regret making in your life.​

affiliate marketing is dead

But there are 3 solid reasons why, affiliate marketing is dead.​

The first reason I believe affiliate marketing is dead is because, the set of gurus teaching today who sell courses upon courses and webinars are using the old ways.​
What do I mean by the old ways?​
Your favorite guru tells you to go online, pick a product and promote it with facebook ads, twitter ads or other types of ads and assures you that will you make sales.​
They tell you to setup a Youtube video, keep posting on social media and to drop comments in different groups with your links.​
This my friend is the old way of doing things.​
No one believes in such hit-and-run stuff anymore…​
You have to take this serious like your life depends on it..​
And to do that, you’ll need to embrace the latest methods and strategy for doing for making sales as an affiliate.​
I used to make that mistake trust me it cost me a lot.​
Here are a few things that happened to me while using the old method:​
—I was dead broke.​
—I spent money on ads and made little or nothing.​
—I resorted to looking for who to borrow money from.​
I don’t really want to share so much grass to grace stories with you, but it was horrible.​
Moreover, I do not want you practicing the old ways anymore.​
You need to embrace the new ways, and the new ways of running affiliate marketing is sure to get you better results.​
One of the new ways, involves building a community of hungry buyers.​
People who are ready with their credit cards to buy what it is you are promoting.​
One major mistake I made back in 2016 was I naive, until I met Waju, Patrick Ogidi, and started following the likes of Dan Henry, Grant Cardone and other marketers who made me realize I was shitting in my palms and called it affiliate marketing.​
I was so naïve not to have started this and I don’t want you making same mistake I made..​
Besides, even big companies like Jumia that does over $1m in sales every month, builds a list of buyers.​
Coca Cola, Apple, and other big names still use this new method of making sales.​
Second reason I believe this business model is dead is because people are not treating this like it’s a career.​
Therefore people are treating it like it’s a hit-and-run business or get rich quick scheme.​
And when they pass this mentality onto the next set of people, they get into the business with the get rich scheme mentality they are bound to fail.​
Third, almost everyone today is an affiliate marketer. ​
Once a few bucks have been made in the name of commissions, they are automatically called experts in the business.​
In fact, the first guy I met in 2015, who promised to teach me affiliate marketing on Clickbank was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life..​
He didn’t even know how Clickbank functioned let alone to make money from it.​
He had made only a few commissions and called himself an expert affiliate marketer.​
Nonetheless,  it is going on today.,​
Such people spring up everyday with fliers and ads claiming to have made this or that, now when these people are approached and tested, you discover they have nothing inside them.​
Now, I want to teach you how to make good money from affiliate marketing by ​
— using the new and ideal ways to be make money so you get the best results ​
—- teaching you the career path of affiliate marketing so you don’t treat it like a hit and run Getrich quick scheme.​
—- giving you access to my blue print that has generated over $83k in sales for me.​
I am not promising that you will make money like these big names, but this is the path to follow, if you want to be like these big business brands…​
It might look sketchy, but trust me, this is the best path to follow..​
I wish I knew then what I Know now…​
So if you want to change your life, ​ and be the best version of yourself, then sign up and get my free affiliate marketing manual that shows you how to build your own affiliate marketing career, from the ground up…​

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