Businesses You Can Start With Zero Capital

Kenny Nwakanma

Public Administrator and a salient Entrepreneur who believes so much in financial freedom and that everyone on earth is an entrepreneur in their own way. I run two other blogs. I am equally a real estate investor and a content manager.

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  • Krish says:

    Tenks a lot.. But I want to ask.. What is clickbank used for?

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      It is a platform for selling other people’s digital products. Then for each sale you make, you get a commission.

  • Damian Cucinella says:

    I like your post and your blog it is very nice and simple. I will promote it to my facebook group. I think most of my members will love your site. thanks

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      Thank you Damian and i really appreciate the share

  • No point wasting time, when something can come out of nothing. This is very helpful

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      Sure Miss Chioma, capital is an excuse for not starting most businesses..

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Great businesses to start with. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      You are very much welcome sire.Thanks for visiting….

  • CHINEDU says:

    Thank you Kenneth, this is very helpful considering the current economic realities. Thanks once again

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      Thank you sir, keep visiting.
      It is believed that economic recession brings out the best in entrepreneurship skills and thoughts.

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