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February 18, 2017

Businesses You Can Start With Zero Capital

With the current global ‘hire me’ trend every graduate or unemployed person faces today, a poise for self employment rests in the hearts of many.


Capital is a very crucial foundation for business. Economists call it one of the factors of production. Capital can come in form of liquidity preference (cash) or assets to start up a business.


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A renowned businessman once said, you can’t get rich working for someone else. To that note a lot of people go into businesses to put food on their tables. Be it online or offline businesses, they face one basic problem; start up capital. When capital posses as an issue, it slows down or even prevents a business from getting off the ground. Some decide to get loans from banks, loan sharks, business investors, grants or even friends and family. Paying back these loans or the clauses that come with them most times, are neck breaking and can sometimes hamper the growth of such business.

Zero capital business.

Nevertheless, there are businesses that require little or no capital to start up. Do you know there are businesses you can start even if you don’t have capital for other businesses? Oh yes it is very possible. A lot of people are doing this and are surely reaping the fruits of their labor. You must not break the bank or render yourself cashless just because you want to start up a business.


Here are businesses that anyone can start without capital.
1. Brokerage: this is the process of interceding on behalf of a person or people for business purposes. A broker is the middleman or bridge that connects buyer(s) to seller(s) and vice versa (call it man in the middle business). All you need to succeed in brokerage businesses are your brains, zeal to succeed and good marketing skills. There are countless ways to advertise your brokerage business; from classified ads sites to social media, bulk SMS, newspaper advertisements and email ads etc. To get swell results, you can even create blogs (free or self hosted sites). In brokerage business, your reward comes in form of commissions. This could range in percentage and depending on the agreement signed in the contract. Brokerage businesses are not usually easy in the early days, but surely pay off in the nearest future. Below are brokerage that require zero capital to start;

  • Real Estate Brokerage: what comes to mind while reading is, ‘oh snap I need to buy a property for hundreds of thousands, sell them at a higher rate and make my profit’ or ‘I need to learn how to get folks who are good on building, so they can build a customer’s need’. No, you are wrong. All you need to do here is look for real estate agencies that charge nothing to join, become a member, advertise their properties that are for sale and collect your commissions. Sometimes they go as far as giving the leverage of you to earn, if you get a down line that makes sales too. That is to say, you get passive income by the sales your down line makes in form of commission. For effective sales to take place, you will need to make use of ad banners, social media advertising, email list and blogs. The use of blogs and sites makes your advertising very credible.

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Auto Mobile Brokerage: just like there are commissions you get when you accelerate the sales of landed properties, you get commissions when you speed up sales of an automobile. Although the proceeds from Automobile sales are sort of little, it actually helps to keep you busy instead of doing nothing. Use of forums, newsletters, ads and social media to advertise your brokerage expertise, will definitely connect you to prospective sellers and buyers. 


  • Oil and Gas Brokerage: is it possible to enter into oil and gas business without hundreds and thousands of dollars or naira? Yes, it is. Though you may need some certification to back up your expertise, there are ways to earn from oil and gas without the certification which could cost a lot. Though this can be really stressful, it surely compensates very well. This brokerage is tougher than the others, how? You will need to comb for sellers and these sellers are not the regular you and me persons. These are people that are found in depots or refineries or government owned plants. Convincing them to sell through you is quite a tough thing to do, but it is worth it when you start and the good thing with oil and gas brokerage is, once you have started and make good deals, you will surely be recommended by every seller in the upstream sector of oil and gas industries.


  • Import Brokerage: this is one brokerage business neglected by many. These days, we get to see many importers in action, they import goods that sell fast and goods that hardly sell and this poses a problem to them, as it makes it difficult for them to even get their capital back. This is where you come in, you can help sell those goods faster because you know your way around the marketing magic, and here will not just earn commissions but respect and friendship, especially if you market his goods and increase his sales by recommending to the importer, goods that he or she can import that will sell like water.


2. Freelancing: this is a working scenario whereby you have temporary contracts or working clauses with establishments. Here you work on your own terms; not the usual 8-6jobs that stress you to shreds. Whenever ‘freelancing’ is mentioned, the only thing that comes to the mind of persons reading that info is writing. Yes writing is a branch of freelancing. Let us consider a few branches of freelancing.

  • Writing: okay you have heard about writing and writing, nothing is new about this. You are so wrong. Well for you to start your journey in writing, you may need to check out bidding sites, content mills and must have a blog as a portfolio. You will not always be around to negotiate with prospective clients who may or may not buy your services. One way to get clients after selecting your preferred writing niche (copy writing, sales letter, newsletter, speech to text, translation service or blog articles) is to Google the phrase ‘write and get paid’.


  • Designs: graphic design, web design, Photoshop and Corel draw experts are always sort for in both big and small companies. Your ability to create something that catches the eye is the key you need to unlock the doors to get more jobs. Freelance sites all over provide slots for designers to locate and be located. It isn’t a bad idea if you get a blog to showcase your skills too. Even civil engineering experts and architects can also expand their markets and get on to find more and more payable prospects.


3. Coaching: many people today want to go into businesses, they wish to be self employed but face one problem, what business to enter. They may have all start up capital in the world, but without purpose and direction, they are only going to be dogs chasing their own tail. You may or may not need a certificate to prove your prowess as the only thing that can speak for you is if you have coached and counselled people in the past who today, have businesses that are thriving as a result of your guidance and coaching. Not just in business, there are wedding planners or counselors, marriage counselors, parenting and even relationship counselors. All you need to do is perfect your category and make sure the people who you have counselled are on the right track today because, they will be your free and basic means of advertising you to their friends and families. Imagine building back a broken 4 year marriage and another marriage that had issues to the extent of them renewing their vows or re-wedding, trust me, you will get more and more clients because your work speaks for you.


In summary, there are businesses you can start with zero capital, it only boils down to two things; one sharpen your marketing skills and two make good use of your talent. Where hard work fails talent pays off. Work smarter not harder and the sky will be your spring board.


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  • Tenks a lot.. But I want to ask.. What is clickbank used for?

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      It is a platform for selling other people’s digital products. Then for each sale you make, you get a commission.

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    I like your post and your blog it is very nice and simple. I will promote it to my facebook group. I think most of my members will love your site. thanks

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      Thank you Damian and i really appreciate the share

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      Sure Miss Chioma, capital is an excuse for not starting most businesses..

      Thanks for stopping by.

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      You are very much welcome sire.Thanks for visiting….

  • Thank you Kenneth, this is very helpful considering the current economic realities. Thanks once again

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      Thank you sir, keep visiting.
      It is believed that economic recession brings out the best in entrepreneurship skills and thoughts.

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