8 Dark Sides Of Entrepreneurship You Never Knew.

Kenny Nwakanma

Public Administrator and a salient Entrepreneur who believes so much in financial freedom and that everyone on earth is an entrepreneur in their own way. I run two other blogs. I am equally a real estate investor and a content manager.

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  • Sunday Ameh says:

    Good article, all aspiring entrepreneurs should read.

  • Every startup entrepreneur deprived of these points end up falling without even starting… Great article.

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      Definitely sir, if most entrepreneurs equip themselves before the journey, their burns might not be as bad as anyone who doesn’t prepare himself for the journey.

  • Ajibola says:

    If there is any other word better than ‘strong’ I’ll use it for entrepreneurs. They are exceptionally strong people

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      Truly, truly truly

  • Gvg says:

    Great essay. I would however like to know why you used oyinbo pepper as your cover picture?

  • CHINEDU says:

    Entrepreneurs are one of the strongest people on earth. It shows in what they have passed through.

    • Kenny Nwakanma says:

      My point exactly

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